About us

K&K Byggteknik is a privately funded company established in 2003. Our production includes tailor-made houses manufactured based on the client’s wishes. We use high-quality pine and spruce elements, milled beams, and handmade logs in our projects.

The products of K&K Byggteknik are manufactured in the production complex located in Hosby Village, Lääne County.

80% of our production is exported, mainly to Western Europe and Scandinavia.

Our client base mostly consists of property developers, as well as private persons.

We provide services from designing private residences to final finishing works.

If you prefer quality and being able to choose every detail yourself, K&K Byggteknik is the partner for you.

Our team

We have shaped our team to make sure that the conduct of business, designing, delivery of materials, and transport progress smoothly.

Experienced builders who know their trade also play an important part in turning the construction of a house into pure joy.

Each client gets to decide freely what their new home will look like. To make the decision easier, it is also possible to pick a building from our gallery of already built and assembled constructions.

The chosen model can be adjusted according to your needs and wishes.

You are also welcome to contact us if you have any ready-made building design documentation and are looking for a high-quality and reliable manufacturer and constructor.

Please find a selection of draft plans for houses and photos of projects completed by us in the gallery (Inspiratsion) below.